Home Remodeling Phoenix: Bring the Outdoors Indoors

home-remodeling-phoenixIn our busy, daily lives, sometimes it’s hard to remember how revitalized we can feel when we incorporate regular interactions with nature into our lives.

One way to catch a glimpse of nature on a daily basis is to consider changing up your interior decor to feature elements that evoke the outdoors. Not only will this deliver a new design appeal to your home, it can help you discover a little peacefulness in your new blend of inside and outside.

Here’s a look at several ways to bring the outdoors inside. Be sure to share these ideas with your design expert when discussing plans for your home remodeling project in Phoenix:

  • Consider a remodel. Discuss your desire to bring more nature indoors with a professional, and chances are you can develop a design that involves bigger windows, French doors that lead to your backyard or even the creation of a sunroom.
  • Use an outside-inspired color palette: Neutral tones, such as whites and tans, make your interior feel natural and clean. Green stirs up visions of grass and plants. Blues are refreshing like the sky and water, and various yellows bring to mind a sense of freshness, like the sun and flowers. Use these colors on your walls, in your décor and all around your home.
  • Think about natural light. For starters, consider new windows. For rooms on the top floor, adding skylights to bedrooms can allow a lot more light into the home and create a relaxed, natural environment. Replacing older windows with new ones that feature different patterns can also help bring more light into your home.
  • Use natural flooring: Wood, bamboo and cork are all flooring materials that exude a warm, natural feel under foot. Stone tile can inspire a cozy ambience, and comes in a wide range of options complete with grain patterns, character marks and natural color options.
  • Think about textures. One of the best parts about the outdoors is the texture differentiation in everything from grass to trees and rocks. To liven up flat interior walls, try using wood or stone on an accent wall. In addition, wallpaper is available that mimics these textures.
  • Bring in natural fibers to your furnishings: Wicker, Rattan and Jute are all materials inspired by nature. Choose furniture pieces that incorporate these kinds of materials for a comfortable “outside” way to relax inside. Additionally, baskets, rugs, and even lampshades made of these materials can enhance your inside space.

Don’t forget: When adding the final touches to your interior decor, always try to incorporate natural accent pieces. For example, shells and sea stars make beautiful guest bathroom accents. And branches and unusual rocks look great on end tables.

Most importantly, try not to overdo the “outside in” idea. Instead, follow the “less is more” approach. As with many things in design, the goal is not necessarily to mimic the outside, but to engage it instead.

At Republic West Remodeling, our experts take the time to listen to your ideas and understand your vision. We aren’t intimidated by helping you bring the outdoors indoors, or any other unusual or ambitious ideas. In fact, we love the challenge of creating something completely original—and amazing. Contact us anytime to discuss your home remodeling ideas in Phoenix.

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