For Remodeling Inspiration and Ideas, Social Media Sites Are Key

home design inspirationEverybody’s doing it.

Plumbers are tweeting about the trendiest new toilet. Electricians are charging their Facebook pages up with images of light installations, and designers are uploading dramatic kitchen remodeling projects to their Instagram accounts.

Whether you are changing up a guest bathroom, adding a home office or remodeling your entire kitchen, social media sites are great places to gather inspiration for endless creative possibilities and inspiration.

Many of these websites provide a great platform for users to store images and step-by-step instructions on how to create an ideal home. In fact, dozens of websites specialize in home remodeling and decor inspiration.

Here are a few to check out:


An online pin-board that allows users to save collections of images from around the web, users often start here to gather initial ideas and inspiration. You can spend countless hours browsing other users’ pins and boards to find design and custom home remodeling inspiration.

Some home improvement and design companies also have a presence on Pinterest, which makes it even easier for homeowners to track down specific items that various companies offer. For example, a flooring or paint company might feature a number of boards dedicated to color trends, dream rooms and specific products and materials they carry.


Similar to Pinterest, Houzz is completely dedicated to home improvement, home design and interior decorating. Not only is this website great for prospective home remodelers, but it also functions as a way to communicate with contractors, designers and home remodeling companies. Within Houzz, users can view images by room and search for specific photos, products and local professionals. Houzz allows its users to rate and review local companies, which can provide crucial feedback for those looking to hire.

Houzz’s version of wish boards are called “Ideabooks” – collections of ideas users and professionals have compiled. For example, if you’re renovating your home’s basement, you may search for Ideabooks related to basements, rec rooms or flooring.

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram aren’t just for catching up with old friends anymore. In fact, each of these social media sites provide an easy way to find custom home remodeling professionals online. Many savvy businesses today post deals and sales, images and videos of recent projects, and any upcoming events on their company Facebook page. And some companies will even respond to questions or comments on their Facebook page.

These are also great places for users to communicate with each other about their remodeling ideas and experiences.

Keeping With the Pace

When it comes to custom home remodeling, there is a wealth of information available online that can provide inspiration for your project. Whether you fall in love with a layout or a style, you have the opportunity to imitate that idea or even put your unique twist on it to make it more personal to your home.

Whether you are looking to share interesting designs, spread the word or simply express yourself, social media sites and integrations into those mediums are keeping with the pace.

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