Thinking About Adding An Additional Bathroom?

bathroom additionThere are a variety of reasons to consider adding a new bathroom to a house.

Some homeowners may want the additional space if an older parent is moving in with the family. Perhaps another bathroom will help better accommodate frequent house guests. Or, maybe another bathroom will help ease the rising tensions amongst the teenage siblings living in the home.

Whatever your reasons, adding a bathroom can ultimately enhance your home’s resale value and provide added convenience in the short term.

Where to Begin? Find Space In Your Home’s Existing Layout

Believe it or not, most homes already have ample space for another bathroom. The key is to be creative during the planning stages.

Start by searching your home for potential locations – you might be surprised at how much extra space you have in your house. Options can include an area in the basement, the attic, an enclosed porch, a corner of an existing room or even under the hallway stairs. Another option: Consider sacrificing a rarely used storage closet to accommodate a new bathroom.

Most importantly, take the time to look around and see what is available, as well as what is realistic.

Planning The Room

Once you’ve decided to move forward with the bathroom, begin by researching local building codes to determine minimum room size. Typically, a bathroom should be at least 18 square feet, a bathroom with a shower no smaller than 30 square feet, while a room with both a shower and tub should be no less than 35 square feet. You also will need the proper permits before starting the job.

Most importantly, ensure with your bathroom addition contractors in Phoenix that the area is structurally sound, especially in an older home where floor joists may need reinforcement in the process of adding a bathtub or shower.

Republic West Remodeling has an extensive in-house operational department ready to help you plan and prepare all aspects of your bathroom addition project, right down to the execution. Our process is what sets us apart from all the other bathroom addition contractors in Phoenix, and the sole reason we’ve provided services to over 15,000 happy clients.

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