Six Steps for Choosing the Right Scottsdale Remodeling Contractor

choosing a remodeling contractor in ScottsdaleA home remodeling project can be one of the most exhilarating lifestyle changes a homeowner can make.

Yet, completely trusting a contractor with both your family’s home and your hard-earned money can often feel overwhelming.

Hiring the right Scottsdale remodeling contractor can make all the difference in terms of safety, budget and stress. So save your family time, money (and sanity) by following these six steps for choosing the best remodeling contractor in Scottsdale:

1.      Seek advice. You are definitely not the first person to ever remodel your home, so don’t take this often-complicated process on by yourself. Chat with friends, relatives, neighbors and coworkers about their remodeling experiences. Ask questions about how those remodeling contractors communicated throughout the process, as well as how they handled any unexpected setbacks.

2.      Determine what you want out of a remodeled home. Think about ultimate goals for each room, along with a “rough” timeline, ensuring you can clearly articulate these very specific ideas and concepts with a contractor.

3.      Research businesses. Start gathering information on referrals by visiting websites or making phone calls. Always make sure any remodeling contractors have the required licenses, liability insurance and ability to obtain local permits. (Note: The Better Business Bureau regularly issues warnings about those that may not be trustworthy). Following your research, select three to four potential contractors.

4.      Compare bids/references. This step can help wrap up the selection process. When communicating with references, always ask them to rate their satisfaction with the project. For example, did the contractor meet their time and budget requirements? And as bids gradually come in, look at the cost breakdown of labor and building materials. Remember: The best contractor is not always the cheapest. Now is the time to find out if a contractor uses the quality products that meet your personal budget.

5.      Pick contractors with reliable, reputable subcontractors. While contractors do a lot of work themselves, they also may hire subcontractors for areas they are not experts in, like plumbing and electrical. Ensure the contractor you work with has a dependable, set team of subcontractors. If they hire out “just anyone,” that means you won’t know the quality you’re receiving and neither will your contractor.

6.      Choose your contractor and sign on the dotted line. After confirming with a remodeling contractor, always create and sign a detailed contract that includes a description of the work, products to be used, cost and completion dates.

Be sure to set the right tone from the beginning. As with any project, miscommunication between a homeowner and a contractor can take away the pleasure of a completed project. And set appropriate expectations for how to effectively communicate with your contractor – this will be key to not only enjoying the end result, but also in whether you ever recommend or use your contractor for future projects.

More than 50 percent of Republic West Remodeling’s projects each year are performed for past clients or for people who’ve been referred by them – a remarkable achievement in an industry notorious for referral rates in the single digits.

Since our inception in 1995, we have the highest customer satisfaction and referral ratings in Scottsdale, as well as the industry as a whole. Our operations are geared toward delivering what we promise.

Contact Republic West Remodeling today – your remodeling contractor in Scottsdale for home remodeling, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, room additions and more.  Call us at 480-481-9595 for your free consultation or stop by our Scottsdale showroom.

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