Kitchen Design Trends for 2016

Kitchen Design Trends for 2016This is the year you’ve been waiting for – it’s finally time to remodel your kitchen.

Before rushing through your game plan in 2016, it’s important to know that the kitchen is no longer just a place where food is prepared. It’s a room where we entertain, eat, store gadgets and enjoy a great majority of our everyday lives.

And because popular kitchen designs are constantly changing from year to year, it’s helpful to know what’s trending if you’re considering a remodel.

Here are a few ideas of some up-and-coming trends for 2016 to add to your kitchen renovation checklist: 

Mix and Match
In 2016, we will see lots of mixing of textures, sizes, shapes and materials.

There are a number of ways to accomplish this trend. For example, using one material on the wall and a different one on the floor can create a mix and match look. Or, you can opt for a busy floor pattern complemented by a sleeker look on the backsplash. Another option is designing a kitchen island that’s one part wood and one part granite. This approach can separate prep and dining spaces, but still keep things looking stylish and classy. The possibilities are endless.


This year will toss conventionality to the wind in favor of functionality. For many years, designers have held on to traditional kitchen elements, however, 2016 will see rising innovation in kitchen functionality.

For example, cabinet doors that open up and slide out of the way (instead of traditional swinging doors), hydraulic “hinges” on cabinets, buttons to open doors, maximized storage with multi-tiered drawers and anything else that makes it easier to use the kitchen will be popular choices.

Think Wood
Wood is still hot this year and the selection is continuing to grow. This year will be big for taking reclaimed wood-looks and incorporating them into more modern-style elements. And even though wood can offer a very rustic look, you don’t have to live in a log cabin to use it.

Popular Colors

The color that will get the most attention in 2016 is grey. Referred to as the new “beige,” grey pretty much goes with everything and is available in hundreds of shades and tones. Black and white combindations will also continue to be hot. Pops of accent colors will be the way to tie in color in the kitchen sink, tile, flooring and more. 

The Smart Kitchen

Automation is becoming more and more a part of the home and the kitchen is a great place for this cutting-edge technology. In fact, charging stations are now a must.

In addition to the growing popularity of energy-efficient appliances, motion-activated lighting will be a big hit, as well as motion-activated faucets. Digital read thermometers that alert your phone when the turkey is done will also trend, as well as features that allow you to start the dishwasher from your smartphone.

We Are Here to Help

The kitchen is the most important room in the house and starting a renovation of this important area requires quite a bit of research, creativity and planning.

Republic West Remodeling can help you design and build the kitchen of your dreams, offering a full menu of kitchen remodeling ideas and other home renovation services. Our planning process involves working with you to create the ultimate kitchen renovation checklist, carefully helping you select each and every tiny detail—such as moldings and hardware—and helping you make the bigger decisions, like which appliances are the best choice for your family.

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