Create the Perfect Master Bedroom Oasis

master bedroom remodeling in phoenixYour master bedroom should feel like an oasis. It should be a calming, relaxing space where you can go to escape, relax and rest.

So how can you create a new, special space that feels equally functional, yet indulgent?

Remodeling experts in Phoenix say that master bedrooms today are for far more than simply sleeping. The key, however, is to be as creative as possible with this very personal space. For example, many homeowners customize their master bedrooms by adding expanded closet spaces, a cozy fireplace and seating area, Jacuzzi tubs in the master bathroom, or even a tucked-away home office. 

First: Evaluate Your Current Master Bedroom

Before creating the perfect master bedroom sanctuary, first evaluate your current bedroom environment – determine what works and what doesn’t. For example, is the room conducive to quality sleep? What about space options for personal items and clothing? Is there a specific area to unwind and relax, without having to crawl into bed?

Here are some master bedroom ideas to help take your space from a simple place to sleep and get dressed, to your favorite room in the house:

  • Assess the lighting. Sunlight is a natural, positive source of energy during the day, but can also be disruptive when it comes to deep, restful sleep.  When determining lighting options, ask yourself questions, like: When sleeping, is your room as dark as possible? Is there light coming through blinds or curtains in the early morning hours? Is there enough lighting in areas where you read? What are your personal preferences?
  • Don’t forget storage. Typically, people tend to struggle with trying to make the most of storage in their master bedrooms. One way to deal with this issue is to incorporate it into the design plan right from the start. For instance, to give your master bedroom a timeless, yet functional design, consider purchasing a built-in closet-organization system. These can be customized to your personal space and needs. For a less-permanent solution, you also can try open shelving – it gives a space a more modern feel.
  • Design a seating area. Your master bedroom shouldn’t just be the place where you sleep. If possible, this personal space should feel like a place you want to spend your free time. One easy way to accomplish this is by adding a seating area that you can use when you don’t necessarily want to crawl in bed, yet want to relax. As with any seating area, first determine which function the space will fulfill. For example, if you like to curl up with a good book or headphones and music, arrange a comfortable armchair next to a bookcase or end table. Or, if you like to catch up on your favorite TV shows, place a loveseat and flat screen TV in an area that will give you lots of room to stretch out and enjoy.
  • It’s all in the details. Try not to get stuck in the habit of cluttering your master bedroom. Think about it:  Your mind is already full of the day’s clutter; keep your oasis clean and accessories to a minimum to create a calming environment.
  • Always make it meaningful: Be sure to showcase the elements of your life in your master bedroom remodel. This can be accomplished by framing significant photos and memorabilia to add a personal history to the space. 

Most people spend about one-third of your life in the bedroom, so it’s important to make that time count. Republic West Remodeling professionals can help you design and execute your plan for your ideal master bedroom. Let us help you turn your master bedroom remodeling project in Phoenix into the perfect space for you to relax and unwind. Call or email us today for details.

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