Create a Backyard Oasis in Your Outdoor Living Space

outdoor living spaces in phoenix

Remodeling your outdoor living space in Phoenix with a fun-filled, relaxing backyard oasis can elevate the entire look of your home, making it not only look beautiful, but also an enjoyable option for the entire family.

The options to creating an outdoor paradise are endless. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Bring the inside out. Your outdoor space should be an extension of the interior of your home. Expand a bedroom by opening French doors out to lounge areas, or make a kitchen feel even more spacious with doors that lead out to an outdoors dining area.
  • Create a patio area. Use natural stone, brick or decking to create a unique floor space. Seating areas with chairs, couches and rugs can help create an inviting space to sit down to enjoy the outdoors. Add a fire pit or space heaters for keeping warm on cool nights.
  • Cozy requirement. Comfortable seating is definitely a requirement for a backyard oasis. Whether it’s a hammock, porch swing or outdoor furniture brimming with soft pillows, you and your guests will definitely need a relaxing spot to sit.
  • Shed a little light. Adding lights into your backyard oasis can create a welcoming, intimate atmosphere. Lighting can be added via solar landscape lighting, overhead chandeliers, floating pool globes, tiki torches and more. Avoid harsh spot lights and neon-bright LED lights— they can add an annoying glare, taking away from the relaxing atmosphere.
  • Spa-ready. Create an endless vacation in your backyard by installing a pool. Natural stone pools help to create a beautiful balance of nature in creating your oasis. Fountains or waterfalls can complete the look.
  • Entertainment options. Consider adding a music system and TV to drown out neighborhood distractions and bring peaceful sounds outside. There are numerous outdoor speaker systems that can bring your music from the inside to the outside. Adding a TV can entice guests to sit and stay awhile. Outdoor, weather-resistant TV’s can be found online and range in price and size, similar to indoor units.

Creating an oasis in your own backyard will definitely provide you and your family many years of enjoyment. Our team of experts at Republic West Remodeling has 15+ years of experience designing and building beautiful and unique outdoor living spaces in Phoenix.

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