Adding a Game Room

Adding a Game RoomA night chock full of games and entertainment is not just for kids anymore.

With games like billiards, ping pong, indoor golf simulators, darts, poker, trivia machines and more, there are plenty of activities available today to keep a wide range of ages entertained well into the evening.

You may think your house doesn’t have the space for this type of area, but it’s possible your basement could be an untapped resource. Whether it’s already furnished or simply waiting for you to remodel it, a basement area is the perfect space to create an amazing game room.

Here are a considerations when designing your dream game room:

  • Use your space wisely. Decide in advance how your space will be used and what you really want in the room. Be careful not to over pack it with activities.
  • Create an entertainment-friendly layout. Entertaining numerous guests in a lower-level game room can be tricky with just one TV and limited seating. Consider another TV above the bar or near the game tables, so everyone has a good view.
  • Soundproof. Noise levels can increase in game rooms. Minimizing sound between floors can be done in a variety of ways. Review options such as upgraded framing, added insulation, sound panels and more with your Phoenix home design ideas consultant so you can make an informed decision based on price and priority.
  • Lighting is key. Good lighting is essential in order to make the right move on game boards. Make sure every table is under the glow of suitable lighting, in addition to ambient lighting for the rest of the room.
  • Factor in your favorite sport. If you have the space and budget, you can re-create your favorite sport in your game room. For example, if you are into baseball, turn your entire basement into a baseball stadium, complete with bases, a dugout and concession stands.

At the end of the day, whatever style or look you are trying to acheive, find a way to make your lower-level game room unique to your personals needs and unique personality. At Republic West Remodeling, we can help you create the game room of your dreams. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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