Whole House Renovation Checklist

whole-home-renovation-checklistDo you love where you live, but feel constrained by your home’s design limitations? Is your family in need of additional space and smarter, more functional design elements?

So you’ve decided to renovate your entire home. Before you start knocking down walls, it’s important to talk to the experts and do a lot of research and planning. As daunting as this may sound, we promise it will definitely pay off in the long run.

Read through these tips and consider them a little pre-renovation homework.  Keep in mind: The more professionals you speak to before diving in, the greater your chances of finishing your renovation on time and, most importantly, on budget.

Where to Begin?
While no two renovations are ever the same, the planning process of a home renovation is typically universal. For example, at various stages, you should speak to a range of qualified (and insured) professionals. And never hesitate to request recommendations from their previous customers – client testimonials are golden.

Here’s a basic outline of to expect in a typical home renovation:

Assess your current house
Make a list of the good and bad aspects of your home. During this stage, enlist the help of professionals, such as builders, to identify any potential structural issues, especially if you notice any warning signs, like rotting, leaking or cracking.

Create your wish list
From functional, structural and styling perspectives, identify and prioritize your wish list.

Track down any building requirements
For most renovations you make to a house, you will need to comply with local building laws. It’s critical to understand these laws early in the game, especially so you know what you can and can’t do.

Hire a designer and a builder/project manager
If you’re planning a major house renovation, you will likely need support from designers and architects. Their professional experience at this stage can add enormous value.  Always get multiple quotes and find a builder you can trust. If the builder is managing the project for you, then he or she will book and manage the support team of electricians, plumbers and other workers to help with various projects.

Obtain permits
In each state and town, there are varying permit requirements relating to building homes. Remember, getting this process right the first time is crucial, so make sure you get advice well in advance – as delays may impact your bank account.

Secure finances for the project
Ensure you finance the project in the most cost-effective way. It may be that you take out a personal loan, or that you refinance your current home loan using equity in your home.

During the renovation
Depending on the depth and scope of the renovation, you may need to move out during some of the stages. Factor this aspect into the game plan so you’re ready if you need find a place to stay.

Details, details, details
Remember who is ultimately in charge – you, the homeowner. Always speak up if there is something during the renovation that concerns you.

Finally, it’s important to understand that dealing with a professional renovator is your greatest protection against an unskilled or unfinished job. A written contract will spell out the arrangements between you and your renovator and details the renovation step by step.

Looking for more advice about planning your whole house renovation checklist? At Republic West Remodeling, our contractors communicate well with you right from the start. We take the time to answer questions and educate homeowners about the renovation process, and also respond to questions quickly.

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