Inspiration for Stylish Bedroom Design Ideas

Modern bedroomAs with any other type of home remodeling project, when you are planning a bedroom remodel you are probably eager to look for great examples of creative designs, and are always on the hunt for inspiration as to unique and different ways you can approach the design plan.

Getting ideas for bedroom designs can be a particular challenge, though, because that’s one part of the home that people generally keep off limits to visitors. Whereas people are usually eager to show off other newly remodeled areas of their home—gladly offering a tour of their impressive new kitchen, or their great newly designed patio—the bedroom is usually kept behind closed doors. While close friends and relatives may be fine with letting you check out their bedroom décor and design for ideas, that’s probably the limits of your in-person scouting mission. Casual acquaintances generally don’t welcome the idea of letting people just browse through their bedroom scouting out examples for their bedroom makeover.

Assuming your limited options for personal visits at homes of those in your social circle don’t provide enough bedroom design ideas, you may need to contemplate other channels that may offer design examples.

Hotels are great sources of design and decorating ideas, especially the upscale varieties or boutique places that cater to the wealthy, discriminating type of clientele. If you stay somewhere nice on vacation, be sure to take plenty of pictures of the room, getting close-up shots of any specific elements or details that really catch your eye. Many hotels even note the name of their designer or decorating firm on their website or in their guest materials. You can then visit the website for that designer to get many more details and view pictures of their other projects.

Real estate listings can be worth checking out. Some feature empty rooms, but lately real estate agents are placing a greater emphasis on staging, so you will often see rooms that have been fully furnished and decorated. You may even want to spend a weekend visiting some nearby open houses in person, so you can get a firsthand look at the design choices.

Furniture stores may also be a good place to look. Your best bet is to visit high-end stores and boutiques that may have a design consultant or decorating arranging their showroom ensembles. While your discount furniture chain isn’t likely to have design experts on staff, you never know what unexpected surprises you may find.

Magazines have always been a go-to resource for design and decorating ideas. The home interior and decorating titles are an obvious place to start, but don’t stop there. Celebrity publications frequently run spreads featuring a star’s new (or newly renovated) home. Obviously, the price level is likely to be a bit beyond the scope of your budget, but you can start with that basic idea and explore more affordable alternatives that can give you a similar look or feel. Travel magazines are also a good avenue to investigate, especially if you tend to like more exotic styles or want to research regional trends from other areas of the country or world.

Of course, these days you can find a nearly unlimited treasure trove of ideas without ever leaving your home. The internet provides a wealth of ideas and images for any type of decorating or remodeling topic. You can visit sites of home renovation television networks, design publications, VIP decorators and others. Browsing through the galleries on Pinterest and other sites can also help you see how average homeowners created their own unique space, often on a limited budget.

You also don’t want to overlook a valuable resource that is easily accessible to you—your home remodeling contractor. It’s a good idea to involve them in the planning part of the process from an early stage. They can offer insight about the best ways to maximize the space you have, and may also be able to point out any specific challenges or limitations you may need to keep in mind. Your contractor should also be able to show you plenty of examples of their previous projects, which can give you design ideas as well as insight as to their capabilities and style preferences. Obviously, even if you love one of their prior projects, you will still want to put your own unique twist on your project plan.

RW Remodeling has designed countless great bedroom spaces (and master bedroom suites) for our clients. We can show you many examples of our previous projects, and can also help you brainstorm unique ideas to help you create your new bedroom space.

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