Modern Approaches to Living Room Design

View on the modern living-roomRemodeling a family room or living room can involve a lot of thought and often requires you to consider both your lifestyle and your intended purpose for that space. Your living room is most likely a central part of the house, a place where you and your family—along with guests—may be spending a considerable amount of time. So it makes sense that you would want it to be both comfortable and functional. In addition, you also want it to have a look that reflects your personality.

Years ago, there were a few basic classic living room styles. Many of these focused on a more formal feeling, one that many people eventually decided were a bit too stuffy for everyday living.

Today, there is an increasing trend toward styles that are more comfortable and inviting. This is especially true in warm weather climates, where the lifestyle tends to be more casual and laid back. If you aren’t the traditional type (at least, not when it comes to tastes in home decorating and design), you may want to consider more trendy or contemporary approaches to living room design.

Naturally, you do not want to follow any sort of trend and fad so rigidly that your room ends up looking exactly like everyone else’s. You also want to avoid being so trendy that your style looks outdated almost immediately. The best approach is usually to start with trendy or modern elements as a foundation and then mix in some of your own unique choices, with the end result being a completely personalized combination that won’t look dated quickly.

With that in mind, here are a few popular trends among modern takes on living room resign:

Color schemes on both ends of the spectrum. There doesn’t seem to be a clear consensus here. Some sources say that the current color trend in living room design is neutral, understated colors. On the other hand, there are other sources who proclaim that bold, vibrant colors are in style right now. We find that neutral colors tend to give a more sophisticated look, and are of course more soothing. But for expressing your personality and making a statement, a bold color choice will likely achieve the desired effect. A great compromise: start with a neutral foundation of earth tones, and then add pops of color with accent items. An advantage is that the smaller items are easy to swap out if you decide you want a different look.

Geometric patterns and shapes. One surefire way to break away from the traditional mold is to choose an attention-grabbing pattern or shape. You can even find something really unusual to establish your own unique signature element. Just keep in mind, the busier or bolder the design, the less likely it is to create a relaxing, soothing feeling. To keep busy patterns from being overwhelming, it’s a good idea to balance them with sections of solid colors. Again, if you are reluctant to make a major commitment, you can include this in the form of an accent piece or some relatively inexpensive fabrics so you can change it easily later on if needed.

Asymmetric designs and arrangements. One of the trademark staples of traditional design was the tendency to have everything carefully balanced, so each side of an area was a mirror image of the other. These days, people no longer feel obligated to have everything lined up so neatly. A popular growing trend is to have unbalanced or mismatched sides. This can create a more casual, playful feeling. It’s also a sensible approach for people who like to experiment with their room arrangements and change things up frequently. A symmetrical arrangement can still work well if you have a central focal point in the room—say, a fireplace, or impressive work of art or piece of furniture—and you want everything else to play a supporting role that accentuates that central item.

Light and breezy styles. Lightweight (or at least lightweight looking) pieces give the space an airy and breezy feel. This is especially fitting in a beach house or a property in a warmer climate, where you want that tropical feel. Clear, Lucite tabletops and woven furnishings can help achieve this effect. This approach helps keep the space from feeling too stuffy or weighed down.

We have experience designing living rooms of virtually every style imaginable. We can help you create the perfect combination of trendy (or classic) mixed with your own unique personality elements. Contact us at RW Remodeling to discuss your living room remodeling project.

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