Trends in Phoenix Bathroom Remodeling

Trends in Phoenix Bathroom Remodeling Are you thinking about creating an en suite master bathroom? If so, you aren’t alone. That’s just one of several bathroom trends that were highlighted in the 2014 Winter Bathroom Trends Study conducted by Houzz. (As a side note, the popularity of en suite master bathrooms increases with the age of the homeowners.)

A few other interesting findings from the survey:

  • Hidden toilet areas (separated from the rest of the bathroom by a door or partition) are important to many homeowners, although “potty privacy” seems to be less important to younger people.
  • Saving water is a high priority. Wall-mounted or tankless toilet units continue to be at the top of many people’s shopping list for a bathroom remodel.
  • Tubs are apparently unimportant to quite a few property owners, with more than 40% of respondents saying they are skipping a tub, even in the master bathroom.
  • Shower features tend to follow different trends depending on the homeowners’ age. Younger people tend to favor luxury features such as multiple shower heads and a rain shower, while older respondents were more concerned with sliding bars and hand showers.

No matter what type of features you have in mind, we can make it happen. Republic West Remodeling is a leader in Phoenix bathroom remodeling.

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