Apps and Web Tools to Help with Home Remodel in Phoenix

Apps help with home remodelingIf you are planning a home renovation—or are even just at the dreaming stage—you have likely already done some online research. But you may not have yet discovered the multitude of apps designed to help people who are contemplating a home improvement project.

While these apps likely can’t compare to the tools your contractor has at their disposal, they can help you make some initial plans, compare different options, envision what your space might look like after specific upgrades, and get a realistic idea of what you can expect during the process. Best of all, many of them are free (others cost just a few dollars).

Home Design 3D: One of the most challenging parts about planning a home remodel (or even just a change to the décor or layout) is that it can be so hard to envision what the final result will actually look like in your space. This app gives you an idea of how different options will look in 3D. It’s sort of the basic version of 3D renderings your contractor can offer, which will probably be much more detailed and sophisticated. (Cost: Free)

Like That Décor: As everyone knows, a space is more than just walls and windows. What truly brings the room to life are the added touches like décor and furniture. This app lets you find décor ideas and browse photos for inspiration. A cool feature: you can upload a picture of an item you have or like, and the app will suggest other items that match your decorating style. (Cost: Free)

Mike Holmes Make It Right: Named after popular and charismatic TV home renovation personality Mike Holmes, this app helps you plan and track your home renovation project. You can get tips and advice from Holmes as well as other homeowners who have survived their own renovation projects. A milestone tracker lets you see how close you are to the finish line. (Cost: $3.99)

Houzz: Offered by the well-known real estate site, this app offers a wealth of design and décor ideas to give you inspiration and examples that can spark your own creativity. You use search terms that help you browse through images showing how other people have used similar pieces or elements. (Cost: Free)

Of course, no gadget, app or tech tool can ever fully replace a human—especially one that has years of experience as a home renovation professional. Once you have gotten some ideas and inspiration for your Phoenix home remodel project, RW Remodeling can help bring your vision to life.

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