Ensure Your Phoenix Kitchen Remodel Bid is Complete

remodel kitchen bidMany a homeowner has experienced the initial excitement of receiving a home renovation estimate that’s much lower than they expected—only to soon discover many parts of the project aren’t included and will be an extra charge.

It’s the roller coaster of home improvement estimates. The worst part is when you don’t realize some things aren’t factored into the estimate until the job is in progress or perhaps almost done. Then you need to scramble to find more room in your budget, or settle for not getting everything you had wanted.

If you aren’t familiar with home improvement contracts or don’t have a lot of experience with home remodeling or construction estimates, it’s easy to overlook details that may be missing or incomplete. Don’t make assumptions. If something isn’t specifically mentioned, it probably isn’t included.

RW Remodeling will listen to your plans and needs carefully, so we can do our best to ensure that all of the things you want are included in our estimate. We spell everything out clearly in writing, and don’t try to hide any extra charges in the fine print. You know exactly what you will pay for the entire job you need. That way, there are no unpleasant surprises later. Contact us to discuss your Phoenix kitchen remodeling project.

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