Arizona Home Remodel Spending Expected to Slow in 2015

Arizona Home Remodel Spending Expected to Slow in 2015Growth in remodeling spending should continue to rise as this year progresses, then peak and slow down as 2015 arrives. At least, that’s the prediction of the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University. Researchers say the remodeling surge will gradually start to level out as homeowners consider whether they will be able to recoup their investment if they are in a slow real estate market. Still, researchers say the long-term outlook is good overall for the home improvement industry.

However, strategic investments in remodeling can still be a smart move for homeowners planning to sell in the near future. And of course for those who don’t have plans to sell, this is a good time to finally take the first step on the home improvement projects they’ve been considering for a long time.

Despite the predictions for a busy remainder of the year, we will always make time for your remodeling or home addition project. We know you are anxious to get moving once you have made the decision to remodel, and we won’t keep you waiting. And once we get started, we make it a priority to stick to the timeline we promise.

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