10 Things to Do Before Contacting a Remodeling Contractor

10 Things to Do Before You Contact a Remodeling ContractorDownload our latest guide, “10 Things To Do Before You Contact A Remodeling Contractor ” today!  Republic West Remodeling’s latest guide for homeowners is available, so claim your copy now!   

If you’ve ever thought of remodeling your home, you need to read this resource first.  The helpful document outlines the steps you can take to ensure a successful project.  We cover a wide range of remodeling topics, including advising you on how to: 

1.     Determine the Reasons Why You Want to Remodel
2.     Look Carefully at Your Neighborhood
3.     Estimate How Long You Intend to Stay in Your Current Home
4.     Determine Your Likely Return on Investment
5.     Establish Your Budget
6.     Decide How You’ll Finance Your Remodeling Project
7.     Create a Wish List
8.     Formalize Your Thoughts and Put Everything Down on Paper
9.     Know What to Expect During Construction and Prepare Accordingly
10.  Develop a Short List of Qualified Home Remodeling Companies 

So, before you begin the contractor selection process, read this guide.  You’ll likely avoid a lot of stress that often comes with remodeling a home.  And, by having your ducks in a row, you’ll be in a much better position to actually enjoy the experience. 

Download your copy here! 

For more information on home remodeling, or to request a free, no obligation, design consultation, visit https://republicwestremodeling.com/remodeling-and-construction.php or call (480) 478-8700.

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Scott Wallace has a passion for design and architecture. He founded Habitat Renovations as an offshoot of his two furniture store businesses, Thingz Contemporary Living and Boulevard Urban Living, with the goal of providing a broader range of design and construction services to his clientele. Scott and his wife Susie have been serving homeowners in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area for 15 years. Habitat Renovations merged with Republic West Remodeling in January of 2019.

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