Kitchen Remodeling in Phoenix: Top Reasons for Wanting New Space

For many homeowners, kitchen remodeling in Phoenix is no easy task.  Even if you’re doing a small project, like re-painting walls, you’ll find yourself inconvenienced during the process.  And, a major renovation can be a source of major stress.

Why?  The kitchen is the heart of your home.  It’s the place where family and guests gather. And it’s the area of your home you use each and every day.

Depending on the scope of your project, a major kitchen remodel will include design, construction, permitting, demolition, installation, cleanup and more.  Each one of these phases takes time and preparation.  An experienced contractor will help you manage all tasks throughout your project.  And, hopefully your remodeler will alleviate much of the stress associated with kitchen remodeling in Phoenix.

Think It Through — Carefully

Given the complexity, by-products and expense of kitchen remodeling, you need to carefully think through why you want new space.  When you know the motivation behind your kitchen remodeling in Phoenix, you can objectively balance the benefits against the costs.

The reasons for remodeling a kitchen are unique to each homeowner.  What makes sense for you won’t necessarily work for your neighbor.  Although everyone wants the magazine-ready kitchen of their dreams, you have to proceed more objectively and less emotionally.

The following reasons represent excellent justification for considering kitchen remodeling in Phoenix.

  • Tackle Wear and Tear

If your kitchen has seen better days, you should consider an update.  You may want to bring your kitchen into the 21st century, and/or you might need to repair things that are falling apart.

For example, do you have cracked floor tiles?  Are kitchen cabinets broken?  Is your countertop marred?  Are your appliances not functioning up to today’s standards?

If you have extensive wear and tear on your existing space, now could be the best time to pull the trigger on an overhaul.  Rather than put the time and money into ongoing repairs, it may make better sense to update your kitchen as a whole.

  • Increase Home Value

If you’re going to sell your home in the future, kitchen remodeling in Phoenix can increase marketability and value.  Prospective buyers don’t want to invest in a new kitchen when they buy a home.  In fact, the kitchen is often the major decision factor for buyers.

Also, if you do the right type of project, you can expect to recoup a good portion of your remodeling costs.  This return on investment is what prompts many homeowners to undergo kitchen remodeling in Phoenix.

  • Become Greener

Green initiatives are increasingly behind many homeowners’ remodeling decisions.  At the top of their list is energy savings.  Adding more natural light into a kitchen can reduce the need for electricity.  More efficient appliances can save on energy costs and promote more responsible environment stewardship.

  • Address Current Lifestyle Issues

A current kitchen layout may have worked when you first bought your home.  But, perhaps your family has grown or you’ve undergone other changes.  Maybe you need to accommodate a special needs family member.  Or your current kitchen may not serve your current lifestyle and kitchen remodeling in Phoenix seems like a good answer.

For example, if your family is spending more and more time in the kitchen, you need to maximize your existing space for function and comfort.  Is the flow into and out of your kitchen space efficient?

What about seating?  Would a breakfast bar be more suitable for certain meals?  Do you need an island to help prepare meals more easily?  Do you have enough space to store all your current kitchen items?  Will it serve your informal and formal dining needs?

Another lifestyle change causing homeowners to consider kitchen remodeling in Phoenix is how and what they eat.  In other words, do you have a new-found interest in gourmet cooking or preparing organic meals?  If so, you’ll want your kitchen to support these efforts.

Whatever reasons are behind your decision for kitchen remodeling in Phoenix, you’ll need to proceed with your eyes wide open.  Remodeling, especially a room as important as a kitchen, can be very complex and stressful.  Before you jump in, make sure you understand why you’re remodeling.  Then, compare the costs with the benefits to determine if you’re making a sound decision.

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