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By opening the lines of communication with your home remodeler in Phoenix, you’ll get off to a good start with any major renovation project.  Remodeling your home can be stressful to say the least, especially if you’re going to remain in your home while work is underway.

If you’ve done your homework well, you’ve already selected the best home remodeler in Phoenix for your particular project.  The right contractor will help you weather the storm of what may seem like an overwhelming situation at times.  Here are a few tips for keeping your stress levels in check:

Know What to Expect

All remodeling projects get messy.  That’s the nature of the beast.  So, make sure you’re up for the dust and noise.  You’ll also have to come to terms with having strangers in your home for extended periods of time.

Many people underestimate what it will take to get the kitchen, bath or additional room of their dreams.  Although it’s great to stay focused on the final image, keep in mind what you’ll have to endure on the road to your perfect space.

Your home remodeler in Phoenix will tell you what to expect.  For example, you may have your current kitchen space completely gutted – leaving bare studs.  Your new space is going to look a lot worse before the end result arrives.  Seeing your home demolished can be unsettling, to say the least.

But, if you talk at length with your home remodeler in Phoenix before your project starts, you should have a good idea of what you’re going to see throughout the process.  Nothing should come as a shock.

Establish Worker Guidelines

After you have a good idea of what’s about to take place in your home construction-wise, work with your home remodeler in Phoenix to set some guidelines for working in your home.  For example, the following suggestions are good starting points.

How will workers behave in your home?  You’ll have a bunch of strangers in and out during your project.  That’s stressful enough.  And if a worker does something to annoy you, the frustration can escalate.

To avoid issues, talk with your home remodeler in Phoenix about things that you want and don’t want to happen in your home.  Some examples include smoking, listening to music, walking through your home without protective footwear, site cleanup, putting tools away, adhering to an established work schedule, keeping doors, windows and gates closed, and more.

Also, you want to inform your home remodeler in Phoenix about kids and pets you have in your home.  You’ll want the workers in your home to be especially careful to avoid putting your children and animals at risk.  And, you’ll want to keep your kids and pets away from construction work as much as possible.

Prepare for Dust

Dust is a by-product of home renovation.  An experienced home remodeler in Phoenix will mitigate dust as much as possible.  A well qualified contractor will take the proper measures so you experience as little negative side effects as possible.

But, even the best contractor can’t guarantee complete elimination of dust during a major renovation project.  You’ll need to accept this fact.

Your contractor will seal off the work area, establish work flows and use other techniques to keep the rest of your home as dust-free as they can.  You’ll still need to plan on more frequent cleaning while work is in progress.

Decide How You’ll Replace the Space

If you’re remodeling a vital area of your home, like a kitchen or bathroom, you’ll need to figure out how you’ll function without the use of that space.  Few homes have two kitchens, so how will you prepare meals while your kitchen is out-of-commission?  Where will you wash dishes?

In addition, where will you store the items you need to remove from the remodeling space?  It’s important to make sure you have a good storage area to house everything you need to move out of the room.  And, you need to protect your things adequately.  In addition to your routine items, you should also store any valuables, delicate objects and heirlooms during construction to avoid having them harmed.

Knowing exactly how long you’ll have to find space and function substitutes will help you plan for alternatives.  With good communication from the start, your home remodeler in Phoenix will help you understand how long and to what extent you’ll be without the use of your room.  Establishing a message board where you can leave questions and comments for your contractor, along with regularly planned meetings, are good ways to maintain consistent communication.

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