Phoenix Bathroom Remodeling: How to Properly Plan Your Project

Phoenix bathroom remodeling can provide an impressive return on your investment.  Numerous real estate experts site bathroom remodels as great ways to add value to your home.  In fact, industry statistics show you can recoup as much as 80 percent of your remodeling costs when you sell your home.

This attractive return helps homeowners justify a Phoenix bathroom remodeling project.  When carefully planned, remodeling can create enhanced space for you and your family to use.  And, it can add value to your home should you decide to sell at some point in the future.

Steps in the Planning Process

The following guidelines will help you get the bathroom best suited to your desires, living situation and available funds:

  • The first step in a Phoenix bathroom remodeling project is to take a long, hard look at your existing space.  What do you want to accomplish with the project?  What needs improvement?  Do you want to a better look, function or both?
  • Next, you need to look realistically at what your proposed Phoenix bathroom remodeling project will add in terms of resale value.  To arrive at an accurate figure, you need to consider your neighborhood.  For example, you should compare your home to others to determine if your proposed remodeling project will differentiate your home from others in the area.
  • What do you expect to do in the near future with your home?  Do you plan to stay for the foreseeable future?  Or, do you expect to move within the next few years?

Your moving plans should dictate the extent of your Phoenix bathroom remodeling project.  If you’re not going to be around for the long-term, you should think twice about doing a major overhaul.

  • The budget is the next and most important step in the remodeling process.  You need to know what your desired Phoenix bathroom remodeling project will cost.  But, you also need to know what you can afford and what makes good financial sense.  Then, hire the most qualified contractor you can afford and purchase the highest end materials that fit your budget.

Once you have a budget figure, you’ll most likely have to make some trade-offs.  Getting everything you want may not be realistic for most people.  A steam room sounds great, but will it be worth the price tag?  You can instead select higher end fixtures to create your spa-like retreat and stay within your budget.

Another important aspect of your budgeting is to plan for the unexpected.  Once Phoenix bathroom remodeling begins, your contractor may uncover repairs that need to be made.  This is especially common in bathrooms where water leaks can go undetected.  Having a contingency fund of 10 percent or more can help you deal with issues that may pop up.

  • Unless you’re doing a simple painting and decorating job, you should get professional advice and hire an experienced contractor.  Too many critical and complex items are included in the bathroom.  Wiring, plumbing, flooring, toilets, sinks, lighting and more require real expertise.

Experienced Phoenix bathroom remodeling contractors will have customer projects you can review to evaluate quality.  You can also get some design ideas from a contractor’s previous work.

Careful planning before your Phoenix bathroom remodeling gets underway will help ensure a successful end result.  Outlining what you want to include in your project, estimating the costs, establishing a budget and then selecting a qualified contractor are all steps to put you on the right path.

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