The Ankarlo Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Project, Sponsored by Republic West Remodeling

The Ankarlo Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Project, sponsored by Republic West Remodeling, is working to raise awareness and resources for military, police personnel and others who suffer from TBI.

What is the Ankarlo TBI Project?
Darrell Ankarlo, a nationally known celebrity who has made Arizona his physical and media home for the past five years, suffered TBI as a result of a 2009 car accident. His struggle to overcome the extreme challenges of living with TBI deeply inspired Ankarlo’s good friend, Jim Weisman, owner of Republic West Remodeling.

Through this experience, Ankarlo and Weisman learned that TBI is a largely unknown and often undiagnosed condition. They, and their families, know first-hand what it means to live with TBI. They are deeply concerned that so many others are living with TBI as well.

Currently, nearly half of veterans coming home from Afghanistan and Iraq suffer from some degree of TBI. One of those vets is Ankarlo’s son.

In an effort to help all of Arizona’s military who suffer from TBI, and raise awareness of this tragic condition, Ankarlo and Weisman have teamed up to form the Ankarlo TBI Project, supported by Republic West Remodeling. The Ankarlo TBI Project aims to raise awareness about the silent epidemic of traumatic brain injury and the significant challenges associated with it through public conversation and action. The Ankarlo TBI Project is working to raise and donate money to organizations focused on Traumatic Brain Injury.

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The Ankarlo TBI Project, Sponsored by Republic West Remodeling

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