Outdoor Living Spaces in Arizona: Design Tips for Creating a Functional and Relaxing Environment

Outdoor Living Spaces in Arizona: Design Tips for Creating a Functional and Relaxing Environment Republic West Remodeling PhoenixThe goal for outdoor living spaces in Arizona is to create a functional, relaxing environment.  The process for developing your outdoor “room” is basically the same as when you design your indoor space.  Some special circumstances need to be considered, but you want to carefully plan for things like architectural style, color usage, traffic flow, space optimization and comfort.

Creating outdoor space is the perfect way to expand you available living area.  However, you need to address special challenges, like privacy from neighbors and shelter from the elements.  To make the best use of your outdoor space, you can bring design elements to your porches, pools, patios and terraces to create additional, attractive living spaces.

Here are some guidelines for creating outdoor living spaces in Arizona:

Determine the size and layout.  These things will be dependent on how you want to use the space and how much property you have.  Regardless of size, however, you want to create separate “zones” for different activities.  For example, cooking, conversation, relaxation, games, and other activities should be accommodated in distinct areas and allow for an efficient flow of traffic.  You’ll also want to consider the impact of the elements in these areas, like wind and sun.

A popular addition to outdoor living spaces in Arizona is kitchens.  And, we’re not talking about adding a grill to the patio!  Outdoor kitchens have become quite extensive and include gas ranges, sinks, faucets, countertops and eating areas.  Some homeowners have added more extravagant features like rotisseries and pizza ovens.

Furniture placement in your outdoor living spaces in Arizona is important for promoting conversation.  Your outdoor space should incorporate at least three seating options, as well as coffee and side tables.  You need to think about how the space will be used by you and your guests.

To separate your outdoor areas, consider using natural elements like planters, vines and trellises.  These features retain the outdoor feel, but also add color, texture and interest to your space.

Maintain consistency with your home’s architectural style.  You don’t want outdoor living spaces in Arizona to stick out from the rest of your home.  Instead, you want them to appear as an extension of your home with an efficient flow from inside to outside.

You can match indoor patterns and colors on your outdoor concrete.  And, you can incorporate a design scheme that blends with your home’s existing indoor design and landscaping.

Add the right features.  You can enhance outdoor living spaces in Arizona by paying attention to some important concepts.  First, consider the view from your outdoor space.  You can improve your room’s view by adding flowerbeds, water features and other outdoor elements.

Make sure you have an appropriate level of privacy.  If not, you can add fences, walls, trees and other things to block out noise and neighbors.  You can also add things like awnings, umbrellas, gazebos and pergolas to enhance intimacy and provide protection from sun, rain and wind.

Convenience is also an important feature.  You don’t want to make access for outdoor living spaces in Arizona difficult.  You need to be able to walk freely between your indoor and outdoor spaces.  Also, make sure you have adequate access to power and water.

Outdoor living spaces in Arizona can add tremendous enjoyment to your home.  Regardless of size, you can make your space a relaxing retreat for you and your guests.  By following the basic suggestions above, you’ll be on your way to creating an inviting and functional place for you, your family and friends.

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