How to Manage Costs of Home Remodeling

Have you decided to remodel your home? Or a part of your home? Have you been researching possible contractors? Please consider giving Republic West Remodeling an opportunity to show you why we should be your remodeling contractor. We serve the Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Phoenix Metro areas of Arizona. We have extensive experience since 1995 in doing home remodeling. During that time we have completed more than 17,000 different remodels. We have also developed a 10-item customer’s Bill of Rights to ensure project success for the customer. Give us a chance to show you why we are your best choice for contractor. Call us for a free remodeling consultation Phoenix at (480) 428-8155.

Home Remodeling

Bill of Rights for Customers

  1. Cost Certainty – I will know what the project will cost at contract signing and at project completion.
  2. Free Speech – My ideas have been heard and integrated into the project. My finished project will closely resemble what was presented with the contract.
  3. Time Certainty – I will be given a realistic timeframe for the project. My inconvenience during the project will be minimized.
  4. High Standards – The project will be executed in compliance with local codes and regulations. The architect of the changes will have extensive experience in residential remodeling.
  5. Top Quality – Top quality products and craftsmanship will be used throughout.
  6. Respect – My home will be treated with care during the project. I will know, each day, who will be in my home and when they will arrive. My home will be safe and secure during the project.
  7. No Interruptions – There will be no unnecessary interruptions.
  8. Open Communications – I can express my ideas and concerns throughout the project.
  9. Honesty – Fair problem-solving by the contractor will prevail during project execution.
  10. Excellence – The contractor will stand behind the project after it is completed.

How to Manage Costs of Home Remodeling

Choosing the right contractor is the most important decision you have to make. The right contractor will help you in deciding what can be done for the budget you have in mind. Note that the customer bill of rights entitles you to know the project’s final cost at contract signing time. We have done our 17,000 finished contracts with this entitlement in mind. You are welcome to discuss this aspect with any of our past customers. We believe that “on time, on budget” are words for contractors to live by.

When you are ready to go over ideas for your remodeling project, call us at (480) 428-8155 for a free remodeling consultation Phoenix. We look forward to meeting with you.

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