Thinking of a Home Addition? Where Do You Start?

Home additions in Phoenix can provide your family with more space. You may want an extra bedroom, a bigger kitchen or more room for an elderly relative to live with you. If you’re thinking of a home addition, where do you start?

How to Find a Great Home Remodeling Contractor in Your Area

Discuss It With Your Family

If you’re a single person, it’s easier to decide which areas are a priority. if you have children, you’ll need to

consider their needs before making your decision. A family discussion provides everyone with the opportunity to vent their own frustrations and ultimately, have a sense of ownership for the project. Home additions in Phoenix can be challenging and there will be more excitement and less conflict in your family if you talk about it before you start.

Identify Your Needs

Identify your most important goals. For example,, you may be planning to sell your home and want to add more square feet in order to increase its selling price. You may want to add an extra bedroom to give your children more space. Your living room may feel cramped all the time or your kitchen may be too small for all the baking you want to do.

All of these options have different costs attached. If you want to make changes to areas such as your kitchen or bathroom, that will require adjustments to the plumbing. that increases the cost of that type of home addition.

If you choose to start with an extra bedroom, this won’t involve anything too complicated. It usually costs less to add a bedroom than to make changes to other, more complicated areas of your house such as your kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Design

Consider Your Budget

The budget that you have will guide the type of additions that you ultimately make. Home additions in Phoenix don’t have to be expensive to increase the value of your home or provide your family with more breathing room. You may want a new kitchen with stone walls but your budget may not accommodate that. However, it may allow you to get new windows, flooring and additional space.

Start Building

Any contractor you choose should be fully licensed to do home additions in Phoenix. After you’ve developed a design that is guided by your budget and selected a contractor who is licensed, you’ll need to get the appropriate building permit. An inspector will also visit the site before you can do home additions in Phoenix. In some cases, contractors will pull permits for you but sometimes you’ll have to do it yourself.

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