Whole Home Remodeling

Whole Home Remodeling Republic West RemodelingMany homeowners undertake remodeling projects that involve upgrading a kitchen, bathroom or outdoor space.  Depending on the scope of work, these projects can be complicated and require significant planning.  However, a whole home remodel is a major undertaking and can be overwhelming if you aren’t prepared.  You’ll need specialized expertise, ample time and patience, and a healthy budget.

Homeowners choose to do whole home remodeling projects for a variety of reasons:

  • A home may be in a prime location, but the house itself may be old and need serious updating.
  • A home may have a lot of positive attributes, but not reflect the homeowner’s taste.
  • Maybe lifestyle changes justify a whole home remodel.  New family additions may be on the way and the homeowners require more space. An empty nest may be a reason for downsizing or using existing space differently.  Aging homeowners who want to stay in their current location may need to make substantial changes to a home’s function and layout.
  • A homeowner may inherit an older house and need to transform it into a home that suits their needs.

Whatever the reason, whole home remodeling usually means you’re gutting your house and doing major remodeling to most, if not all, of the interior space.  These projects cannot be accomplished in a week.  The extensive nature of a whole home remodeling project often means a project will last for several weeks or months.

Things to Consider with a Whole House Remodel

If you’ve ever watched any of the home remodeling shows on TV, you know major renovations often involve major setbacks once a project gets underway.  When you begin gutting a home, you run the risk of uncovering all kinds of nasty surprises, especially with an older house.

Many materials used in older homes are no longer considered safe.  Any home built before 1980 could have issues with lead paint or asbestos ceiling tiles.  Much older homes may also have dangerous plumbing or electrical systems.

When you remodel an entire house, you’re also dealing with numerous diverse functions that require specialists.  For example, you’ll need a well-qualified general contractor that’s extremely knowledgeable and experienced in whole home remodeling projects.

Your contractor will bring the entire construction team together to handle every phase of the project.  In addition to your contractor’s team, you’ll have subcontractors for carpentry, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, flooring, roofing, painting, interior design and more.

Given the magnitude of a whole home remodeling project, you may not be able to live in your home during construction.  Or, at a minimum, you’ll be greatly inconvenienced and not have access to certain functional areas throughout the project.  You’ll have to decide whether you can stay in your home, stay with friends or relatives, or get a short-term rental.

Start with a Dream – Then Be Realistic

Every home remodeling project begins with a dream. It’s great fun to explore all the possibilities for your new home.  Think outside the box and consider all your options.  After all, you’re making a huge investment in completely renovating your home.  So, of course you want to get as of what you want as practical.

After you’ve given serious thought to creating the perfect home, you need to do a reality check.  Can you afford your dream home?  Will the project produce a good return on your investment?  Are you and your spouse on the same page?

If you’re not realistic about what you can and can’t do, your may be setting yourself up for a bad experience.  You must detach yourself emotionally from your project and think realistically about what you can accomplish given your budget, resources and existing home.

Although you want to create the home of your dreams, it’s important not to stretch beyond your means.  Even if you get a low interest rate on a loan, think seriously about whether it makes financial sense for you to incur significant debt.  If you’re stretching yourself too thin with a whole home remodel, you may still be able to get the home of your dreams by renovating in stages instead of all at once.

Fine-Tune a Budget

You need to determine what funds are available for your project. Then, you can decide what you can feasibly get done.  You’ll most likely have to make trade-offs as well.  For example, selecting less expensive materials can mean you can do more in other project areas.

But an important step in the budgeting process is knowing what things cost.  Often, homeowners underestimate remodeling expenses.  That’s why you must do your homework.  Talk to someone who’s done a project similar to yours, price materials at stores and showrooms, check out online resources for cost comparisons and more.

When you get an idea of what your project will cost, make sure you plan for a contingency fund.  Experts recommend homeowners sock away at least 20% for issues that always seem to pop up.  You should also make a point of checking in with your contractor regularly to ensure your project is on target.

A Successful Project Requires Thorough Research

Undertaking a whole home remodeling project means doing a lot of legwork.  Even if you hire the best contractor, you’ll need to commit to educating yourself and being very involved throughout the project.  Your involvement helps ensure a successful outcome.

Although hiring a reputable contractor will definitely make things easier, you still need to become well informed about several aspects of your project.  As discussed previously, you want to have a good idea of what you want in your project and what you can afford.

When you first start thinking about the scope of work, make sure what you want is do-able.  Measure your rooms so you know whether they can accommodate the desired upgrades.  Know your local zoning ordinances and HOA restrictions.

Do some reading to understand the construction process as much as possible.  Know what happens during each phase of construction.  Also, talk to others who have completed major renovations.  Your goal is to have a clear understanding of what to expect.

By doing this research, you’ll not only be prepared for your project, but you’ll be able to better communicate with your contractor.  And good communication helps ensure your project will be completed to your expectations.

Find the Right Contractor

The best place to start looking for a contractor is by talking with friends, family, neighbors and colleagues.  Referrals from others you trust and have had projects completed similar to yours are extremely beneficial.

You should also do your own research to uncover qualified contractors.  A wealth of information exists online.

With the referrals you gathered and the results of your research, you can begin to narrow down your list.  When you have three to five prospective contractors, schedule in-person interviews.

With a whole home remodeling project, you’re going to have your contractor in your life for a long time.  So, make sure you hit it off.  You want someone who will listen to your requirements and concerns, take your input seriously and be accessible.

After your interviews, request written proposals from the contractors you feel are best suited to your project.  Be cautious of selecting any contractor based solely on price.  In many cases, the lowest bid doesn’t always equal the best quality of work.  Instead, you should base your final selection on experience, expertise and reputation.

Welcome to the Dream Assurance Plan™

Republic West Remodeling makes the home remodeling process as painless as possible.  With over 18 years in business, we’ve learned a thing to two about how to efficiently complete projects to every customer’s expectation.  And our testimonials, references and track record back this up.

We’ve also developed the Dream Assurance Plan™, a custom remodeling process that strives to deliver a pleasant experience and a successful outcome for our customers.  We’re determined to transform the expectations that every remodeling project will be a nightmare.

The Dream Assurance Plan includes three concepts:

  • Design & Visualization
  • Cost Certainty
  • Time Certainty

Republic West Remodeling assures your custom remodeling project will be as you visualized throughout the entire process – from creative design to detailed planning to execution and construction.  And, we’ll deliver it to you within the cost and time parameters you expect.

For more information on home remodeling, or to request a free, no obligation, design consultation, visit https://republicwestremodeling.com/remodeling-and-construction.php or call (480) 478-8700.

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