Remodeling for the Holidays

Remodeling for the Holidays Republic West RemodelingFrom Thanksgiving to New Years, the holiday season is a wonderful time for family and friends.  But, too often this busy time of year can leave you stressed and unable to fully enjoy yourself, especially if you’re hosting events in your home.

If you’re entertaining people in your home, whether for dinners or extended stays, make a list of all the things stressing you out.  For example, consider the following questions carefully.  The answers will help you determine if you should undertake a remodeling project before the holidays arrive.

  • Do you have the proper layout and appliances in your kitchen to efficiently cook large meals?
  • Do you have sufficient storage for all the added items you’ll need for entertaining?
  • Does everyone fit comfortably in the entertainment areas of your home, such as the kitchen, great room, living room and dining room?
  • Does traffic in your home flow easily from room-to-room?  What about congestion in the high-traffic areas?
  • Do you have enough bedrooms and bathrooms for your out-of-town visitors?
  • Do you want to show-off your home better?
  • Can your home create the desired holiday ambiance?

Summer is the Perfect Time!

If you want your home in top shape for the holidays, you should get started during the summer months.  Depending on the size of your project, and with the right contractor, you can make this holiday season extra special.

After you’ve looked at all aspects of your home through a critical eye, you can begin to see what can realistically be accomplished in time.  Start meeting with qualified remodeling contractors as soon as you know you want to make some changes.  Together, you can determine the scope of work that can feasibly be completed.

Do-able Projects before Christmas

You may think it’s not possible to finish a major remodeling project before the holidays.  But, with the right contracting team, you can make major changes that will accomplish all your goals for holiday entertaining.

First, let’s talk about your kitchen since that’s the area in which most guests will gather and you’ll be working in the most.  Here’s a list of the projects you may want to consider:

  • Adding an islandIslands can make serving guests more efficient.  They also provide more storage and counter space for food preparation.
  • Updating and/or adding countertops and cabinetsIf you don’t have enough working space and storage, you and your contractor can look at reconfiguring your kitchen layout to make it function more efficiently.  In addition to new countertops and cabinets, you may also add a sink, as well as upgrade the materials.
  • Creating a new lookIf your kitchen is outdated, you can upgrade the flooring, walls, layout, cabinets and more.  Not only can an upgrade improve efficiency, but you’ll be proud to show off a sparkling new look!

Next, take a long hard look at your bathrooms.  You may want to focus more on the bathrooms your guests will use.  Consider the following:

  • Do you have enough bathrooms or powder rooms to accommodate the anticipated number of guests?
  • Are your bathrooms located in close proximity to where you’ll be entertaining?
  • Do they provide the required privacy for you and your guests?
  • Are your bathrooms updated and stylish?
  • Do they have all the necessary features and amenities for the needed functionality, including storage, showers, counters, tubs and toilets?

Do your guest rooms provide the necessary privacy – for both you and your guests?   You want to be sure your sleeping arrangements are adequate for all your expected out-of-town guests.  In addition, consider the available storage.  Do you have enough closet and drawer space for your guests?

Also, is there a dedicated bathroom for their use during their stay?  Sharing bathrooms can be uncomfortable, even for close families.  Having their own bathroom facilities in or close by the guest room makes for a more comfortable stay.

Updating outdated materials – Maybe you’re looking to create that “wow” factor in your home by updating outdated materials.  Does your color scheme or finishes scream nineties?   Is your flooring worn?  With the vast selection of materials and never-ending design ideas, you can make your home a holiday showpiece.

If you’re lacking room and expanding your indoor space isn’t practical, creating an outdoor living space can be the perfect solution!  You can add an outdoor dining area, kitchen and other special areas for relaxing and entertaining.  Here’s what you should consider:

  • Since the temperatures can drop during Arizona winters, make sure you have a place for an outdoor fireplace, firepits and/or space heaters.
  • You’ll also want to have the proper enclosures to keep out the elements, such as wind, rain and dust.
  • Don’t forget about lighting so your guests can safely walk about outside.
  • Plan your landscaping of your outdoor space during the fall planting season.

Finally, even in Arizona, the winters can be cold.  Nothing is more inviting at the holidays than a nice fire in the fireplace.  If you don’t have a fireplace, or your existing one is pretty outdated, you can consider remodeling your home.  Also, with a beautiful mantel installed, you have a place to hang your holiday decorations.

The holiday season may be the last thing you’re thinking about during the triple-digit temperatures of summer.  However, starting now can ensure your home is ready for entertaining.  Getting a project underway during the summer months will help you avoid the stress of a non-functioning or outdated home during the holidays.  Talk to a reputable and qualified remodeling contractor today so your dream home is ready by Thanksgiving!

Working with a Remodeling Contractor

To ensure your home remodeling project delivers everything you expected, take extra care in selecting your remodeling contractor.  You want a proven professional who can complete work promptly, manage costs effectively and solve any problems that may surface during your project, especially if you need your project completed by the holidays.

Republic West Remodeling makes the home remodeling process as painless as possible.  With over 18 years in business, we’ve learned a thing to two about how to efficiently complete projects to every customer’s expectation.  And our testimonials, references and track record back this up.  We’ve delivered the perfect project for many homeowners in time for holiday entertaining.

We’ve also developed the Dream Assurance Plan™, a custom remodeling process that strives to deliver a pleasant experience and a successful outcome for our customers.  We’re determined to transform the expectations that every remodeling project will be a nightmare.

The Dream Assurance Plan includes three concepts:

  • Design & Visualization
  • Cost Certainty
  • Time Certainty

Republic West Remodeling assures your custom remodeling project will be as you visualized throughout the entire process – from creative design to detailed planning to execution and construction.

For more information on remodeling your home for the holidays, or to request a free, no obligation, design consultation, visit or call (480) 428-8155.

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