10 Popular Phoenix Home Remodeling Ideas

10 Popular Phoenix Home Remodeling Ideas Republic West RemodelingMost homeowners strive to create the perfect home for their families.  But, often their current space falls short and doesn’t function or look the way they want.  When this happens, you have two options:  sell and move to a home that’s better suited to your family, or remodel your current home so it fits your exact requirements.

Moving is expensive and time-consuming.  You have to prepare your home before it goes on the market, show your home to prospective buyers, wait for an offer which could take many months, then close the transaction a month or so later.  You’ll likely have to pay more to get a new home with improved living space.  And, you may find it difficult to find a home that provides everything you want.

Remodeling also takes time.  Depending on the scope of your project, it almost always will take less time to remodel than it would to complete a home sale and purchase.  In many cases, remodeling will also be cheaper than moving.  But, the main reason to consider a remodel is the ability to customize.  You can create a dream home and make it exactly as you want it.

Home makeovers come in many varieties – from kitchen upgrades to adding a detached casita.  Here are 10 of the most popular Phoenix home remodeling projects:

1.      Kitchen Remodels – Providing a Facelift

The number one choice for home remodeling, kitchen upgrades and renovations provide excellent paybacks.  In fact, several industry organizations list kitchen remodels as providing the highest return on investment of any remodeling project.

Giving the kitchen a fresh look may be all you need to make a huge difference.  A kitchen facelift might include updating outdated design features and appliances.

For example, a less complicated kitchen remodel might include:

  • Updating countertops to a higher-end material like granite or marble.
  • Re-facing existing cabinets to provide a more current, quality look.
  • Installing new hardwood, laminate, travertine or tile flooring.
  • Painting walls in fresh, new colors.
  • Updating refrigerators, ranges, ovens and microwaves to stainless steel.

2.      Kitchen Remodels – Major Renovations

Because kitchens represent the gathering place for family and friends, homeowners want them to look great and function efficiently.  To accomplish these goals, you may have to undertake a major kitchen remodel.

An extensive kitchen renovation might include:

  • Incorporating the features listed in the previous section, such as new countertops, flooring, paint and appliances.
  • Reconfiguring the layout to create a larger kitchen.  If your current space is too small or doesn’t provide an efficient flow, you can improve the layout by eliminating walls and expanding the footprint.
  • Replacing existing cabinets with new ones.  New cabinets make the most impact in a kitchen remodel. In addition to an updated look, replacing cabinets provide better functionality, including extra storage.  Re-facing is a great option if you don’t need additional cabinets.  However, installing new cabinets is the only viable option when you need to add storage.
  • Constructing an island provides more counter space and another gathering area.  You can add more storage under an island and also create eating space for casual meals.

3.      Bathroom Remodels – Guest Powder Room 

Bathroom remodels represent the second most popular home remodeling project.  Like kitchen remodels, new bathrooms provide an attractive return – as much as 100% of the remodeling investment.

A particularly desirable bathroom remodeling project involves creating a guest powder room on a home’s main floor.  Some homes have multiple bathrooms, but they’re situated near bedrooms.  You may want to locate a powder room close to your entertaining areas so your guests don’t have to go upstairs or into the home’s sleeping areas.

Your remodeling contractor can convert a closet or section off space from another room to create a guest power bathroom.  These bathrooms don’t require a lot of space and usually need only a toilet and sink.

4.      Bathroom Remodels – Master Suite

Today, many homeowners want to create a spa-like retreat in their master bathroom.  They want a sanctuary to escape from their hectic days.  So the focus is on comfort and luxury.

Amenities may include features like Jacuzzi tubs, soaker tubs, large rain showers, multiple shower heads, steam rooms, saunas, high-end fixtures and more.

Your finished project should reflect your tastes and personal style.  If you’re not likely to soak in a tub, for example, you might want to put more of your budget into a unique shower.  Think about how you will enjoy your new master bath and then plan around your anticipated use.

Keep in mind you’ll want to consider not only what you want for a master bath escape, but also how you will use your master suite on a daily basis when you’re not relaxing.  In other words, make sure your master bath meets your routine as well as special requirements.

5.      Room Additions – Enlarging the Existing Footprint

A room addition means you’re increasing the square footage of your existing home.  If you’ve got ample property to accommodate an addition, enlarging your home to better fit your family’s needs is a great option.

A new room can include a wide variety of additional spaces.  Some examples include an attached casita.  Your remodeling contractor may add a casita-type guest room with its own entry to the front of your home.

Other examples include new bedrooms, new bathrooms, a home office, a bigger kitchen or great room– whatever expands the home’s footprint and adds square footage.

6.      Home Additions – Building a Detached Casita

The Phoenix area attracts lots of family and friends to residents’ homes.  With guests visiting regularly, many homeowners want to provide separate, private accommodations.  A detached casita with a private entrance and its own utilities is a great home addition project for anyone entertaining overnight guests.  Casitas typically contain a bedroom and a full bath.  Many also incorporate some level of kitchen functionality.

Also called “mother-in-law” suites, casitas are a growing trend in Phoenix home remodels.  They provide a wonderful space for relatives to move into your home.  You can care for an aging parent, for example, yet provide them with privacy and their own “home.”

7.      Room Conversions within Existing Space

Another way to improve your home’s function is to consider repurposing existing space.  This option may work well if your property lacks enough outdoor area to accommodate expanding your home’s square footage.  It’s also a more budget-friendly project since existing utilities and structures are already in place.

Some ideas for creating new functional space in your home include:

  • Converting an existing attached garage into a guestroom, nursery, bedroom, rec room or other entertainment area.
  • Enclosing an outdoor patio to create a living area or sunroom.
  • Turning a carport into an enclosed garage.

Outdoor Living Spaces – Entertaining Guests

With exceptional weather most of the year in the Phoenix area, homeowners like to spend as much time as possible outside with friends and family.  But, you need an outdoor space conducive to entertaining. This means providing comfortable seating, protection from the elements and an inviting ambiance.

If your back patio is just a concrete slab, you can look at it as a blank slate to create an entertainment area with outdoor fireplace, a dining area or a conversation pit.  You can also convert outdoor space into recreational areas for games and sports that are unique to your family’s lifestyle.

9.      Outdoor Kitchens

Creating an outdoor kitchen has become an increasingly popular remodeling project.  For more usable living areas, homeowners are extending space into their backyards.  No longer just an area for a barbeque grill, the outdoor kitchen is a fully functional room complete with appliances, accessories and seating.

An extension of the indoor kitchen, the size will be determined by the outdoor space available and the expected level of entertaining and dining.  You need to consider a variety of things when remodeling for an outdoor kitchen:

  • How many people do you expect to entertain in the space at one time and where will they eat?
  • What type of cooking will you do and what appliances will be required?
  • Will you need a bar to serve drinks and other refreshments to your guests?
  • What type of seating will you need to provide comfort and function?
  • How much food preparation area will you need?
  • Where is the best place to locate your outdoor kitchen and will it be in close proximity to your indoor kitchen and outdoor utilities?

10.     Outdoor Living Spaces – Private Sanctuary

Many homeowners want to enjoy peace, quiet and beautiful scenery.  So, they create relaxation and meditation areas in their outdoor space. With pleasant weather most of the year, these types of spots have gained traction in the Phoenix area.

To take advantage of a natural setting, homeowners can undertake a variety of remodeling projects.  A common thread in private sanctuaries is special landscaping to create beauty, fragrance, seclusion and tranquility.

Many homeowners who build outdoor sanctuaries want to use natural materials so they feel close to nature. Some ideas for materials and furnishings include using different textures, rustic stone flooring, covered pergolas and more.  And, water features are a perfect match for outdoor living spaces.  Fountains, waterfalls, ponds and creeks producing the sound of flowing water go hand in hand with outdoor sanctuaries.

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