Scottsdale Home Remodelers: The Top Four Trends for 2013

Scottsdale Home Remodelers: The Top Four Trends for 2013 Republic West RemodelingDespite the meltdown in the housing market during the last few years, business is picking up for Scottsdale home remodelers heading into 2013.  Homeowners are increasing the size of remodeling projects they undertake.  For example, two years ago a homeowner might begin a kitchen remodel.  Today, the same homeowner might begin a project that includes an entire first floor renovation.

According to the Fall 2012 Remodeling Sentiment Report, planned remodeling projects will continue to increase.  In addition, homeowners are showing a growing preference for luxury remodeling.  The survey results show an average remodeling cost estimate of $100,000, the highest since 2007.

But it’s not just high-end homeowners enlisting Scottsdale home remodelers.  Given the high number of foreclosure and short sales, many home buyers bought houses at rock-bottom prices and have cash left over to fix them up.  Homeowners are making homes more functional by enlarging spaces, adding features, solving problems, improving energy efficiency and more.

The following projects represent the top four remodeling trends for 2013:

1.      Knocking Down Walls to Enlarge Space

Homeowners are looking to Scottsdale home remodelers to help them knock down walls to accomplish two goals: create an open concept or add living space.

By eliminating walls, homeowners can make rooms flow together.  For example, if walls cut-off a kitchen, dining and living room, Scottsdale home remodelers can take down the walls, get rid of the boxy, cut-off feeling and create an open concept, larger room that brings guests together.

To enlarge a room, Scottsdale home remodelers can take down one or more walls between adjoining rooms to create a larger bedroom, kitchen or other living space.  Removing walls also allows light to flow into the home.

Because some walls may be load-bearing, qualified Scottsdale home remodelers must be hired.  Wall demolition can be dangerous to workers and can potentially damage your home if not done correctly by an expert.

2.      Customized Remodeling Projects

Homeowners want Scottsdale home remodelers to complete projects that are tailored to their lifestyles.  These projects tend to focus on function and things that would make life easier.

Examples of these projects include charging centers for cell phones, laptops and notepads; custom storage areas; custom lighting like toe kick and soffit lighting; message centers; gourmet chef storage and more.

3.      Master Bath and Walk-In Shower

Although kitchens have been big remodeling projects in the past, 2013 will likely be the year of the big master bath remodel.  Instead of big bathtubs that aren’t getting used much anymore, homeowners prefer big showers.  They like the large walk-in types that are flush with the floor.

4.      Energy Efficiency and Green Choices

Although not a new trend, environmentally-friendly design will continue during 2013.  In addition to using green products, homeowners are concerned with remodeling to improve indoor air quality.   Scottsdale home remodelers will take extra measures such as using low-VOC paints and adhesives and energy-efficient windows and HVAC systems.

With market conditions improving, homeowners are opting to enlist the services of Scottsdale home remodelers.  Many people prefer to upgrade rather than move.  Having lived through such a severe housing crisis, homeowners may be a little gun-shy about assuming new mortgages.  Plus, home improvement channels like HGTV and DIY have inspired homeowners to see the possibilities in transforming their homes into newly created dream spaces.

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