Bathroom Remodeling in Phoenix: Playing by the Rules

Bathroom Remodeling in Phoenix: Playing by the Rules Republic West RemodelingWhether you’re doing bathroom remodeling in Phoenix for your personal use or to prepare your home for sale, it’s important to follow some basic rules so you get the best end result.  Bathrooms and kitchens are the top selling points of any home sale.  So, you need to begin with a clear vision of what you want to achieve.  Make sure you carefully think through your “must haves” for your new bathroom.

Before scheduling your first meeting with your contractor, do some legwork on your own.  Start preparing for your bathroom remodeling in Phoenix by collecting ideas of design aspects and preferred fixtures you’d like to have in your project.  When you do meet with your remodeling contractor, be ready to share your ideas, including your likes and dislikes.  Also, be prepared to ask pertinent questions of your contractor, as well as answer specific questions your contractor will have about your specific project.

As a general rule, you want to define your remodeling project as much as possible before work begins.  Although you want to stay open to new ideas, you also want to stay true to your original vision.  Otherwise, you risk not being happy with the finished bathroom remodeling in Phoenix if your vision deviates too much.

After You Define Your Vision

Once your design is finalized, it’s time for your contractor to prepare an estimate outlining costs, schedule and other agreed upon terms.  The contract will outline these terms in greater detail, but the preliminary estimate will give you a good framework of the project.

It’s also important that your contractor deliver your estimate in a timely manner.  Not getting a quick turnaround on the estimate after ironing out all the details should raise some red flags.  Also, if you’re communicating through e-mail with potential contractors, pay attention to how long it takes to get a response.  Significant delays in communication before the job even starts could indicate greater issues once bathroom remodeling in Phoenix begins.

An experienced contractor will appreciate your questions.  The more information collected about your project, the easier everyone’s job will be.  Pay particular attention to any questions not answered by your contractor or items omitted from the estimate.  Before you sign on the dotted line, every question must be answered and every detail described in the estimate and contract.  If any documents are incomplete, have them revised.

Suggestions for Finalizing Your Agreement

The following list represents specific areas to review carefully before finalizing your contractor agreement:

  • One area to watch is the material listing.  Make certain preferred materials are not substituted by lesser quality ones.
  • Solid completion dates need to be agreed upon and put in writing.
  • Your contractor for bathroom remodeling in Phoenix should provide a minimum of five references from previous re-modeling projects similar to yours.  You should also request to visit these sites.
  • Make sure your contractor is insured with a General Liability policy. Review other insurance requirements as well.
  • Determine the type and number of permits required for your bathroom remodeling in Phoenix.  Were the costs and work associated with getting these permits included in the estimate?
  • What type of warranty on the bathroom remodeling in Phoenix will the contractor provide?
  • Try to always look for contractors that are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and preferably associated with associations such as (NAHB) National Association of Home Builders or (NARI) National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Also be sure to visit any contractor who provides a website and thoroughly read all information provided to insure there are no conflicting agreements they have stated in preliminary discussions.
  • Make sure to understand all terminology prior to meeting with your contractor. Having a better understanding of specific contracting terms will better describe your exact expectations and help the contractor prepare a more accurate estimate.

If your preferred contractor has answered all your questions and clearly explains all details regarding your bathroom remodeling in Phoenix, chances are good you’re starting your project on solid ground.  And, the chances of getting the bathroom of your dreams have increased greatly.

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