Kitchen Remodeling in Scottsdale: How to Prepare for Your Project

Kitchen Remodeling in Scottsdale: How to Prepare for Your Project Republic West RemodelingWhen you begin kitchen remodeling in Scottsdale, you know you’re in for some inconvenience.  Although an experienced remodeling contractor will minimize the mess, you’ll still be without the use of your kitchen while your project is underway.  But, you can do a few things to help the project go more smoothly.

First, you need to have your expectations in line with reality.  In other words, know you’ll be in for dust, noise and strangers in your home during your kitchen remodeling in Scottsdale.  If you know what to expect, chances are you won’t be so overwhelmed.

Talk with you contractor so you know how long the project will take.  Also, find out how many workers will be in your home at one time.  You should have met with your contractor to discuss all the parameters of your project and contract.  So, once the work begins, you’ll be prepared for what’s to come.

Talk to Your Contractor About…

You can help reduce stress associated with kitchen remodeling in Scottsdale if you talk to all your project issues before work starts.  Here are some guidelines of what to discuss:

  • Establish job site rules with your remodeling contractor.  For example, how should workers behave while they’re in your home?  Will they be allowed to smoke?  Can they play music?Will they wear shoes in your home with protective covers?  How will workers cleanup the site?  Will a dumpster be brought on your property?  Will a portable bathroom be available for workers?
  • Establish work schedules.  When will workers be showing up at your home?  How long will they work in your home each day?  How will they access the work area?What will the sequence of work be?  Will all products be delivered to your job site?  Who will be doing each part of the work?  How and where will work materials and equipment be stored.
  • Establish dust control practices with your contractor.  Dust is often the most annoying part of any kitchen remodeling in Scottsdale.  And unfortunately, it’s part of the project that can’t be eliminated.  But, an experienced contractor will be able to mitigate dust in your home.For example, your contractor will seal off the work area with plastic sheeting.  They’ll also create a worker entrance so the plastic sheeting is not disturbed and dust isn’t allowed to creep outside the work area.  With kitchen remodeling in Scottsdale, you’ll need to clean your home often to remove the fine dust that manages to find its way into the other areas of your home.  You should also consider cleaning your ductwork after your project is completed.

Additional Considerations for Kitchen Remodeling in Scottsdale

After you’ve worked with your contractor to prepare for your project, you’ll have to do some things to keep everyone safe and your home operating as efficiently as possible.  Here’s what you can do to help your kitchen remodeling in Scottsdale:

  • Make sure your kids and pets are kept safe during the remodeling process.  Depending on the scope of your project, you may have power tools, lumber, exposed electrical wiring and other dangerous things in your home that can harm children or pets.  Have a plan for keeping everyone away from the construction area.
  • Your kitchen won’t be functional during remodeling, so you need to think about how you’ll make meals and store kitchen items.  You can set up a temporary kitchen in another area of your home.  Or, you can budget for more eating outside the home.
  • A message center can help keep the lines of communication open between you and your contractor.  Decide on a central location where you can leave questions and concerns for your contractor.  Indicate when you’ll be available to discuss project progress and issues.
  • Have a plan to protect your valuables.  If you’ve done a good job during the selection process, you’ll be working with a trusted kitchen remodeler.  But, even the best workers can have an accident and break one of your prized possessions.  So, pack anything away that you don’t want to have broken.

Kitchen remodeling in Scottsdale can be a rewarding experience and well worth any inconvenience.  Many homeowners find it enjoyable to see their kitchen transformed step by step.  And nothing dresses up a home more than a new kitchen.

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