Arizona Home Renovation: How to Develop an Appropriate Contract

Arizona Home Renovation How to Develop an Appropriate Contact-Republic-West-RemodelingThe more complex your Arizona home renovation is, the more important it is to cover all aspect of the project in a written contract.  You can never assume anything will be done the way you expect.  By writing down important terms and conditions, you can eliminate any misunderstandings between you and your contractor.

Once you select your contractor, you’ll likely be meeting with them several times before your project starts.  During these meetings, you need to specify materials, finishes, fixtures, appliances and all other components of your Arizona home renovation.  Everything you select for your project in terms and discuss with your contractor needs to make its way into the contract.

At a minimum, your contract should include the following:

  • A detailed description of your Arizona home renovation project.
  • Complete specifications for materials, finishes, all fixtures and any other things you select that will be provided by the contractor.
  • Specifications for things you will provide to the project.
  • A start date and estimated completion date for the project.
  • A detailed schedule that includes milestone accomplishments.
  • Payment terms including amounts and dates and what’s required as an upfront payment.
  • Specifics about project management for your Arizona home renovation, including how communication will take place, disputes will be handled and change orders accomplished.
  • How the contractor will accommodate portable toilets, safety, debris disposal and cleanup.
  • How the contractor will protect your existing items inside and outside your home.
  • All warranties and guarantees.
  • What will determine the project’s final acceptance.
  • The contract for your Arizona home renovation should also include your architectural plans, site plans and surveys.

You also should be aware you have a 72-hour window, called the “cooling off” period, in which you can cancel the agreement after signing if you become uncomfortable with the existing terms.

Providing Protection and Peace of Mind for Your Arizona Home Renovation Project

Given the complexity of an Arizona home renovation project, you must have a detailed contract to protect your interests.  A written agreement in place before work starts will help avoid unfortunate circumstances during and after the renovation.

It’s important you take the time to develop the right contract for you and your project.  Don’t be forced to use the contractor’s boilerplate.  Or, if you do use the contractor’s standard agreement, consider it a starting point to add in the terms you feel must be included.

The best way to get at written contract you’re comfortable with is to start with the right contracting partner.  If you select the most qualified contractor for your Arizona home renovation, chances are you can work well together to form a written agreement that protects both party’s interests.

Once you identify all the aspects of your Arizona home renovation that must be included in the contract, you can turn your focus to how the contract should be written.  For example, the contract you jointly develop should be easy to read and include a straight-forward approach to detailing everything your project entails.

By following the suggestions outlined in this article, you can avoid disagreements during your project.  With well established terms and conditions, you can put all your energies into enjoying your new home!

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